WNNC Stereo 1230 AM Total Radio for the Catawba Valley
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WNNC 101.3FM & 1230 AM is Total Radio.

WNNC “Total Radio” is THE station for information about the Hickory Metro. For over 50 years, we’ve consistently delivered local news, sports and weather. We discuss and broadcast area high school games and sports and weather.

The Blend

Delays and cancellations, plus all the information and news you’ll need … you’ll hear it all on WNNC 101.3FM & 1230 AM, your local radio station serving the Hickory Metro area. We play a unique blend of Adult Contemporary tunes that get rave reviews, and our music variety means you’ll hear different songs all the time, not just the same old ones over and over. Plus, our established on-air personalities are THE voice of the Hickory Metro.

Together this one-of-a-kind mix of information, local interest and music makes WNNC 101.3FM & 1230 AM the station that stands out from all the rest. County by county, WNNC is ranked as the most-listened-to radio station that serves the Hickory Metro, so tune in to WNNC for the best local news, sports, and adult contemporary music in the Hickory Metro area!


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